The fast pace of Wall Street is broadly parodied in this fast paced comedy where rapid fire repartee is the norm and the doors never stop slamming! Set in a small suburban brokerage office, things start to unravel when it is learned that top broker Jeff Hanson's best client, the nebish Herb Willy, is pulling his account. A big problem since this account generates most of the revenue for this office. When the rather unscrupulous manager Tom learns that Herb has a weakness for blonds, he hatches a plot to seek a femme fatale on him that will keep he and his account put. But who can they get to fill this tall order on short notice? How about Jeff's unfaithful and rather promiscuous fiance Myra! Throw into the mix, a pesky singing telegram messenger, a surprise office audit from the director of compliance, and a disgruntled female client with a score to settle and you have a hilarious dark comedy on your hands.




"Stocks and Blonds is among the top laugh provoking comedies seen in our time!"


Bernice Roberts - Atlantic Highlands Herald