4089 Victory Blvd, S.I.     


                                                    June 2017



When divorced accountant and aspiring novelist Frank Avino gets a call from the police, it can only mean trouble. His divorced friend Tom has just been tossed out of his girlfriend's house and has no where else to stay. It is agreed he can stay with Frank in his tiny suburban New Jersey apartment for a few days until he gets his own place.  A few days quickly turns into a few months and begins to cramp 'ladies man"  Frank's style. Add in Frank's suspicious landlord and his visiting mother from Brooklyn and you have a very funny mix!

"It would be so gratifying, not to mention prophetic and full of hindsight to say that Joe Simonelli is the next Neil Simon..."

Michael Kaabe - Asbury Park Press

                      June 2,3,8,9,10 at 8 pm  Sun. Matinees on June 11.

Please note that the Sunday matinee on June 4th is SOLD OUT


                                        General admission $20

                                    Seniors and students $17

                                  Thurs. Dec. 1st all tickets $15


                         call 347-355-8989 for reservations


                                                                                                Sept. 2017

                                                                      'OLD RINGERS'

Four senior women try to fight the shrinking economy and their shrinking pocketbooks by opening up a home phone sex service after receiving an unsolicited obscene phone call! 

What the critics said!

"A comedy masterpiece! Mr. Simonelli has provided a timely take on how four seniors cope with a shrinking .economy and their shrinking pocketbooks!  Go see it now!"

Joe Franklin - Bloomberg Radio

"Go see Old Ringers to experience the lighter side of the economic downturn as told by comic playwright Joe Simonelli. Balancing obscenity with drier subjects  like social security checks, keeps the play believable but doesn't deract from it's raucous, crowd pleasing comedy!"

Monterey County Weekley

       Sept. 8,9,14,15,16  at 8 pm  Sun. Matinees on Sept. 10, 17