Sept. 2017

                                                                      'OLD RINGERS'

Four senior women try to fight the shrinking economy and their shrinking pocketbooks by opening up a home phone sex service after receiving an unsolicited obscene phone call! 

What the critics said!

"A comedy masterpiece! Mr. Simonelli has provided a timely take on how four seniors cope with a shrinking .economy and their shrinking pocketbooks!  Go see it now!"

Joe Franklin - Bloomberg Radio

"Go see Old Ringers to experience the lighter side of the economic downturn as told by comic playwright Joe Simonelli. Balancing obscenity with drier subjects  like social security checks, keeps the play believable but doesn't deract from it's raucous, crowd pleasing comedy!"

Monterey County Weekley

       Sept. 8,9,14,15,16  at 8 pm 

for tickets call 347-355-8989


                                               Nov. 2017

                           - AMERICAN THEATRE OF ACTORS

                                  314 W. 54TH STREET NYC

                                                    MEN ARE DOGS

Nov. 8,9,10,11  @ 8 pm                   Nov.  11,12 @ 2:pm

Nov. 8,9 only all seats $20  

                         all other performances tickets are $25 

                               call 347-355-8989 for ticket info.


  Dr. Cecelia Monahan has a serious problem. As a therapist who runs a support group for single and divorced women, she must listen to a number of relationship problems from her unusual cadre of patients as well as dealing with the unsolicited advice of her live in mother on subjects ranging from dating to cooking recipes. The doctor, however, is not above using some unorthodox methods of her own such as hiring out of work actors to role play with her patients. It is only when Cecelia meets the new substitute package delivery man that the doctor must learn to practice what she preaches!



"A fascinating comedy! Mr. Simonelli certainly has a tape recorder on the world....go see it now!"

Joe Franklin - Bloomberg Radio

"...a sweet sitcom about the life of a women psychologist...it's group therapy with a women's support group and the comedy sections work the best..."

Richmond Shephard - Performing Arts Insider

"...audiences are doubling up with laughter"

Asbury Park Press

"Simonelli displays an adept comic touch...the group therapy sections alone are worth the price of admission!"

Phil Dorian - Two River Times

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